Importance Of Machining For Medical Devices

Importance Of Machining For Medical Devices

There’s no room for equipment failures when lives are on the line. Precision machined parts are crucial in all sectors of the medical field because fractions of a millimeter can make the difference between flawless equipment performance or a life-threatening malfunction.

As innovators in the medical component design industry, our skilled machining specialists offer a versatile range of advanced machining capabilities for parts of every shape, size, and material. Our partners depend on us for predictable component quality, and we take precision to the next level with stricter quality control and defect-prevention processes that minimize human error and maximize component accuracy. 

If you’ve been searching for a medical component manufacturing partner that can guarantee a higher standard of excellence for simple and complex parts alike, here’s how we build and refine components with error-free precision. 

Intricate, Long, & Slender Designs With CNC Swiss Turning

Renowned for the perfect balance between production efficiency and accuracy, our computer-controlled Swiss Turning services have redefined cost-efficient and high-volume production. Ideal for parts that require ultra-tight tolerances and complex intricacies, the vibration-minimizing stability of Swiss Turning is an ideal choice for many medical components. Ranging from surgical tools to implant components that require a perfect fit, CNC Swiss Turning may be the all-in-one component solution your company has been searching for. 

Wire & RAM EDM Processes Have Revolutionized Component Possibilities

In the world of complex manufacturing, contactless component production utilizing Electrical Discharge Machining offers burr-free smoothness, support for ultra-complex designs, and preserves the integrity of fragile workpieces. Also computer-controlled, EDM precision is capable of producing components with extremely fine edges and intricate geometries, without ever compromising the structural integrity of the workpiece. 

Ultra-tight tolerances are often impossible to achieve with physical or manually operated machining tools, so EDM processes are a preferred machining or finishing option when the finer details matter. Common components produced by Wire and RAM EDM processes include: 

Grinding & Lapping Services Provide Pristine Finishes

As the final step in many high-end component designs, grinding and lapping services are utilized in order to achieve the perfect finish. Ideal for component finishes when smooth mating surfaces and burr-free flatness are required, our ultra-refined grinding and lapping expertise is the best choice for a polished finish. 

Also ideal for component refinishing and repairs, many parts can be salvaged or reshaped through grinding and lapping. If your company manages rough component designs, or you need to modify a specific component, lapping and grinding is an affordable solution to perfect the final stages of your production processes. Great for design applications ranging from implant polishing to bone-screw refinement, our leading finishing services result in components that are designed to fit better and perform correctly the first time. 

Versatile Milling Services Fill the Gaps in Component Design 

Milling is another dynamic production service in our medical device development arsenal. Appropriate for an array of simple and complex parts alike, CNC milling can be used for precise drilling applications, large square and plate designs, and a vast array of parts ranging from forceps and instrument cases to dental implants and micromachining. 

However complex the design or tight your development budget, our medical device experts will help you find an affordable, practical, and precise solution for your machining needs. With cost-savings and time efficiency always in mind, your production goals become our own the moment you get in touch with our machining specialists at Cer-Mac to optimize your parts.