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Lapping is a unique process for removing material by the action of abrasive media suspended in oil or water that is interposed between a rotating wheel and the work piece. As the wheel rotates it carries the loose abrasive across the face of the work. Media, lap size, machine speed rate and loading pressure carry combinations that determine the efficiency of the process and quality of the finished part. Lapping offers extreme accuracy and is a cost competitive process in either high or low volume work piece requirements. This process can be used before the finished step or as the finish step. Whenever size, flatness, parallel, or finish is a problem, lapping is the answer.

We work on parts .015 inch diameter through 18-inch diameter and as thin as .020 inch with the flatness of .000005 inch and parallelism of less than .0005 inch. We can produce a flatness better than two HE light bands.

Water-based slurry is used, not oil-based. This is less hazardous and we do not recycle the slurry.

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