Lapping Machining


Optical Flat Surfaces Every Time

At Cer-Mac Inc., we provide businesses with the lapping services that they need to get great parts. This process is one that we feel comfortable performing on a variety of sizes and materials. When working with us, you get high-quality work from a team that has been in business for over 50 years.


Lapping machining is a powerful way of creating flat surfaces for your parts that can produce fantastic and high-quality identical parts. Creating identical parts for manufacturing is essential because it can ensure that your products run smoothly in the field and minimizes any risk of failure. Providing you with high-quality lapping machining ensures that your customers are satisfied with your products.


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Lapping Services


The lapping machining process requires a variety of unique elements. Our team fully understands these safety steps and provides lapping machining that works for your needs. Each project is carefully planned, prepared, and executed to meet your part needs and to minimize any material waste that may cost you money.


Lapping is a Finishing Process Designed for Products That Require Very Accurate Specifications


Our lapping machining professionals understand the unique specifications that come with this process. We can work on parts between 0.15-inch and 18 inches in diameter. Our team is capable of parallelism of less than 0.0005-inch, which gives you the high-quality flatness and uniform style that you need to produce highly precise machined parts.

How Does Lapping Work?


Lapping machining works by suspending material in a carefully prepared oil and water mixture and using a rotating wheel to carefully remove material from the part. As the wheel turns, it pushes this loose abrasive against the material and helps form a uniformly ultra-flat part.

Our team carefully identifies how to prepare your part by checking your schematics, examining your part heat treat specifications, and carefully testing each produced part. We’ll then program our machines to start the lapping machining process to ensure that you get the parts your business needs.

Typically, we prefer using a water-based slurry in our manufacturing because it is less hazardous and safer for the environment. We strive to protect the environment by using the safest and most reliable machining processes, those that won’t cause any serious contamination or pollution in this beautiful region.

Lapping Machining Process

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If the lapping process sounds interesting to you or if you need any lapping services for your ultra-flat products, please contact us at Cer-Mac Inc. today to learn more! You can call (215) 721-0120. Our team can help you with any lapping, precision grinding, and CNC machining that you need to create high-quality parts. We look forward to working with you and giving you the high-quality parts that you need for your manufacturing process.