Surface Grinding

Precision CNC Grinding Services

Cer-Mac Inc. is a surface grinding specialist that can provide precision grinding and machining. Our team can ensure that you get the surface grinding you need for your parts in addition to providing other precision CNC machining processes.


Our goal as a company is to ensure that you get the same quality parts, no matter your production needs. We strive to create processes that produce accurate and high-quality products using long-lasting materials that will keep you and your customers satisfied.
Precision is critical with surface grinding and can affect how well your parts operate. Imprecise or sloppy work from other surface grinding professionals may affect your manufacturing.


Our precision grinding and machining team understand these processes and how they can affect your overall product quality. We take the time to partner with you, plan your parts, examine your schematics, and take the time to understand exactly what you need from us.


In this way, we strive to produce accurate and efficient work that satisfies your needs. No matter what your industry is, our team can help you grind the parts that you need to stay ahead in your competitive field.

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How Does Precision Grinding Work?

Surface grinding uses a rotating grinding wheel to carefully remove excess material from your parts, helping to create a flat surface with a good finish and precise dimensions that fit within your part’s specifications.


Precision grinding and machining use physical contact with the part to smooth its surface. Machining highly precise parts through the surface grinding process starts by gauging your schematic, seeing what kind of size and shape you need, and programming this information into the computer.


As our grinder operates, we carefully monitor the process and make adjustments. The result should be smooth and efficient part production that creates consistent parts every time.

Precision grinding machining
Surface grinding machining

Surface Grinding Allows for Tight Tolerances & Accurate Finishes

The best thing about precision grinding and machining is that it allows for incredibly tight tolerances and very accurate finishes. No matter what surface grinding machining steps you need, we can adjust the process to identify the tolerance and finish that you need for each of your parts.


For example, our surface grinding process can get your parts to within fractions of a millimeter, creating durable and long-lasting products. Each part will be consistent with others, creating a high level of accuracy that will improve your overall production quality and effectiveness while reflecting the overall quality of our surface grinding machining processes.


Our team makes sure that you aren’t scrambling to catch up by making sure that your surface grinding machining is accurate and timely. As a result, your parts will adhere to their specifications every time and will also have an accurate finish that makes them beneficial for your production needs. Count on our surface grinding machining processes to meet your needs.

Want to Learn More About Precision Grinding?

Are you ready to get the precision grinding and machining that your shop deserves? Make sure to call Cer-Mac Inc. at (215) 721-0120 or email us to learn more. Don't forget that we can provide many other services as well, including lapping machining and wire EDM machining services. Our goal is to produce accurate and consistent parts that fit your production schedule and satisfy your customers. No other machining shop can provide the same level of consistency and precision that we provide, so make sure you make that call or email us ASAP.