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Do you need aerospace machining from machining specialists who understand your needs? Our team at Cer-Mac Inc. can help you! We stand out from other aerospace machining companies with our large team of experienced aerospace machining specialists ready to serve the Bucks County, PA area.


Our machining professionals can provide CNC machined aerospace parts that meet your needs and ensure that each part conforms with your quality specifications. We work hard to hire only the best aerospace machining specialists and get the best certification and licensing to meet your needs.


By using our services, you get the best aerospace machining to create precision parts that last without failure in the field. We take the time to understand and manufacture your CNC machined parts.

We Assemble Essential Aircraft & Space Shuttle Components

Aerospace CNC machining


Our skilled team can handle a variety of aerospace CNC machining processes. We take the time to check your part specifications and make an appropriate routing plan to machine them as efficiently as possible. Our team of CNC machinists has decades of experience working within the aerospace industry.


Each potential employee gets carefully vetted to ensure that they meet our quality standards. It is important to us that you get the highest-quality service possible. After hiring them, we make sure to provide hands-on training that teaches them the ins and outs of aerospace machining. We train our new employees in stress testing processes to ensure your parts are as strong as possible for your specific manufacturing needs.

Our aerospace machining specialists can handle many machining processes that give you the product quality that you need for your manufacturing. Just a few options that we can provide for you include:


  • Wire and RAM EDM machining to obtain precise finishes
  • CNC and 5-Axis Milling of a variety of high nickel alloys
  • Swiss Turning precision parts complete
  • CNC turning up to 16” in dia
  • Lapping machining for ultra-fine flatness


Cer-Mac Inc. is ISO 9001: 2008- Certified. This quality certification is the industry standard for precision machining and ensures that you get the high-quality parts that you deserve. We strive to create identical parts that always adhere to your production needs.

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Do you want to work with aerospace machining specialists who can also work as medical machining specialists? You can call us at (215) 721-0120 or email us to set up an appointment to learn more. Our team of experts who offer aerospace machining and semiconductor machining is standing by to give you the in-depth assistance necessary to create products for your consumers in the aerospace industry!