Semiconductor Machining & Assembly

Are you looking for high-quality semiconductor machining that provides excellent parts at more than fair prices? Cer-Mac Inc. can help you. As a family-owned, third-generation business in operation since 1969, we provide turn-key CNC manufacturing services that provide accurate parts without defects on your schedule. Our semiconductor manufacturing team is here to help you get the parts that you need.


Our process starts by working directly with you to learn what specifications you need for each part. Are you interested in semiconductor CNC precision machining when manufacturing multiple assembly components? Our team can do that for you. We’re a skilled semiconductor machining team that understands your needs.


Whether you need 50 or 5000 semiconductors components, our team can produce a wide range of products that suit you and give you the products you need for your many customers.


We focus on precision and quality and want to do everything right the first time. Working with us improves your chances of hitting your manufacturing goals every month and will ensure that you produce the high-quality products that your customers expect from you.

Partner With Cer-Mac Inc. to Ensure Top Quality Semiconductor Parts

No matter your semiconductor machining needs, Cer-Mac Inc. can give you the help that you need! Our team can handle all your semiconductor manufacturing, as well as any medical component manufacturing needs. By working with a team that you can trust, you will get great results every time.

That’s because we take our semiconductor CNC precision machining seriously and strive to produce parts we know that will adhere to your precise specifications. We value our partnerships and do all that we can to make sure that you are happy with the machined parts we provide you.

We bring over 50 years of experience to semiconductor CNC machining and will strive to satisfy your needs. Call (215) 721-0120 to learn more or get a quote from our team of high-quality manufacturing professionals.

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We Provide CNC Machining Services for the Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor manufacturing and machining can take on many different steps. Our team at Cer-Mac Inc. will work hard to ensure that you get the best possible semiconductor machining for your needs. Listed below are just a few options that we may use to create fantastic parts using high-powered and precision-based machining equipment:

  • CNC Turning: We use computer-controlled cutting tools that cut machine parts at a high RPM to create detailed and precise parts that fit your production needs.  
  • CNC Swiss Turning: This alternative to CNC turning specializes in machining smaller diameters to produce varying parts using live tooling.
  • CNC Milling: CNC milling uses a computer-controlled process to produce varying part sizes and shapes that can fit well into many manufacturing situations.
  • Wire EDM: This process uses a continuous strand of wire that cuts with an electrical current. We use this on precision-based materials, like high nickel alloys, to avoid excessive material stress.
  • RAM EDM: Our semiconductor machining process may use this method to create varying shapes with custom-shaped electrodes that are carefully lowered into your materials. Each burned hole holds an extremely tight tolerance. 
  • Lapping: Lapping helps to provide unique finishing to your material and creates optical flatness that ensures your semiconductors are flush with their installation surface.
  • Grinding: The grinding process uses a high-speed abrasive wheel to carefully remove small amounts of material in areas with tight tolerance. We use this option for sensitive semiconductors requiring tight tolerances.
Our team will help you choose the best machining option for your specifications and will do what we can to improve this process to adhere to your production schedule.  Whatever semiconductors you and your team require, we’ll make sure that you get the machined parts on time and defect freely.

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