Medical Machining Services

For clinicians, having the most precise instruments that are capable of producing accurate diagnostics and results is of the utmost priority. That’s why it’s important to get the help of medical machining specialists that can create precise medical instruments, surgical devices, implants, and much more for healthcare providers. At Cer-Mac Inc., we pride ourselves on providing the very best contract medical manufacturing services in the Philadelphia area and beyond. Our medical implant manufacturing processes are among the best in the industry.


If you’re a healthcare device manufacturer that needs the best medical implant manufacturing or other parts, read below to see how we can provide the most accurate, high-quality, and safe materials for you. Rely on our medical implant manufacturing specialists.

We Produce High Quality & Precise Medical Parts

It takes a special machine and a highly skilled machinist to machine medical devices. At Cer-Mac Inc., we use our state-of-the-art CNC machines to accurately and repetitively produce medical instruments for your company. Our CNC machines are maintained and run by our highly-trained CNC machining specialists.

medical machining specialists


Medical Parts That We Manufacture:

  • Surgical instruments that help you provide the safest surgeries and improve patient outcomes
  • Medical implant manufacturing to produce components for medical implants that are sterile and packaged to remain free of debris
  • Pacemaker components, which are critical in helping keep people alive and require the most accurate electrical delivery
  • & More


At Cer-Mac Inc., we understand just how critical medical component manufacturing is. We are fully aware that the slightest deviation in a medical device can cause devastating effects for a patient, which is why having the best contract medical manufacturing company at your disposal can help. Our medical component manufacturing processes are designed to meet your needs every time.


We take pride in our various calibration and quality measurement systems, ensuring that our products are conforming to flatness, perpendicularity, true position, and concentricity. We also ensure that all material specifications for hardness, flatness, and finishes are met for our end users in the medical implant manufacturing field. Our constant communication with medical providers makes it easy for us to understand what it is you’re looking for in a medical device, and how we can help you design and produce the best product. We’ll use the best medical machining specialists to implement your specific design and produce a high-quality end product.


Our commitment to quality, safety, and precision has earned us the ISO 9001:2015 standard, and we continue to strive to produce more and more quality products for medical component manufacturing and other high-risk industries that require exact precision. We specialize in medical component manufacturing and machining products that hold a thousandth of an inch tolerance.

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Serving the Medical Industry Since 1969


Since 1969, Cer-Mac Inc. has provided medical implant manufacturing, contract medical manufacturing, and manufacturing for other industries in the Pennsylvania area.


We combine efficiency through our streamlined CNC machining process, accuracy through our CNC programming, and high quality through our inspection procedures. That’s how we offer precise products to the medical, energy, optics, and aerospace industries in a short amount of time without sacrificing quality.


When patients’ lives depend on the quality and precision of your medical components, you must contact the very best machine manufacturing company in Pennsylvania. Call us today at Cer-Mac Inc. to discover why we’re your best and most reliable medical machining specialists.


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