Wire EDM

At Cer-Mac Inc., our team of machining experts can help you with wire EDM and wire EDM machining using the highest-quality EDM machines. Our wire EDM manufacturing team will sit down with you and identify the best wire EDM machining services for your company’s material needs.


We’ll start by identifying your wire EDM machining needs and decide whether you need our wire EDM cutting or RAM EDM spark machining process. Cer-Mac Inc. specializes in wire EDM machining Inconel 718 and other high nickel alloys that other ships won’t work with. We’re an OEM EDM metals company that stands apart from others due to our commitment to quality and service. Cer-Mac uses Wire EDM machining services for structurally complex metal parts.


Wire EDM is one of the most accurate manufacturing processes available for manufacturing metal parts and components with complex shapes. Wire EDM can be used to cut extremely hard metals (stainless steel, nickel base alloys such as Inconel, Monel, and many more) and parts with intricate shapes, internal corners, tapers, and complex angles. Small intricate shapes can be cut with superior accuracy (+/- 0.00015”)


Our broad and diversified knowledge has led us to success in Wire EDM machining.
Our machines utilize a non-contract, friction-free, round linear shaft motor system to drive the X & Y axis through an all-optical fiber servo.

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Electrical Discharge Machining

Electrical discharge machining or EDM is a popular precision manufacturing process designed to help machine metals. This process is otherwise known as wire burning or wire erosion. It is a powerful process that uses specialized wire EDM manufacturing machines. Our team at Cer-Mac Inc. is an OEM EDM metals company that can satisfy any of your wire EDM machining needs.


Our team is fully trained in wire EDM manufacturing and can provide wire EDM machining services that fit your needs. We carefully remove material from the workpiece using electrical discharges. It avoids direct contact with the piece and ensures that we can carefully sculpt high-quality EDM metals that fit your overall machining needs. We have the best wire EDM capabilities in the field, and it is reflected in the quality of our services.

What is Wire EDM Machining & How Does it Work?

Our team at Cer-Mac Inc. understands wire EDM machining and will work hard to ensure that you get the precision machined parts that you need. Wire EDM machining uses carefully focused electrical currents in a protected liquid medium to cut away materials from your parts. It is popular because it lacks direct contact, meaning your EDM metals will not be left with scrapes or imperfections. Our wire EDM manufacturing capabilities are second to none.


It is the perfect process for machining structurally complex metal parts and is suitable for very hard metals. Common EDM metals include stainless steel and nickel-based alloys. Wire EDM cutting allows for very precise and accurate cuts along intricate corners, sharp tapers, and complex angles. We can wire cut through both the X and Y axis to produce high-quality cuts that meet your company’s needs.


At Cer-Mac Inc., we’re constantly looking for new and innovative cutting methods and striving to improve our cutting capabilities. Our team is fully certified and licensed to machine high-quality parts based on your specifications. We’ll work directly with you to ensure that you meet your production capabilities and will strive to consistently produce accurate and effective machined parts for your production needs.

Wire EDM Capabilities & Applications

Our Wire EDM capabilities include a maximum workspace of 41.3 by 32.3 by 12 inches, a maximum work weight of 3,307 pounds, and a maximum taper angle of 15 degrees at a 10.25-inch thickness. Our wire EDM machining services can cut with a corner radius as small as 0.003 inches.

Wire EDM services can be used in many fields and are particularly common in precision-based manufacturing for the aerospace and semiconductor industries. When done properly by a team of licensed experts like Cer-Mac Inc., wire machining provides many benefits, including:

Our wire EDM services also help to eliminate unnecessary burrs on your parts, which gives you a smooth and high-quality finish.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Electrical Discharge Machining!

Are you interested in wire EDM or RAM EDM services in Bucks County, PA, that use the highest-quality EDM machines to produce precision machined products? Then please call us at Cer-Mac Inc. today to learn more about our wire EDM machining process. Our team will help you find the EDM processes that make the most sense for you, set up a wire EDM or RAM EDM production process, and provide you with a detailed inspection report with your products. Call us at (215) 721-0120 to learn more about our RAM EDM machining process or to consult with our aerospace machining specialists today.

Wire EDM Capabilities

  • Max. work space (WxDxH) 41.3 x 32.3 x 12 “
  • Max. work space weight 3307lbs
  • Max. Taper angle 15 deg @ 10.25” thickness
  • Our EDM machines cuts with a .004” diameter wire. This allows us to produce a corner radius as small as .003”.

Benefits of Wire EDM

  • Superior consistency
  • Simultaneous cutting
  • Material compatibility
  • Eliminates Finishes

Wire EDM machining Wire EDM services