CNC Swiss Turning

Quality Precision Parts Crafted With CNC Swiss Turning

Cer-Mac Inc. is a family-owned machining company with many years of service providing high-quality Swiss Screw machining and CNC Swiss turning for Warminster, PA and Bucks County, PA businesses. Custom Swiss Screw machining has become one of the most popular machining options throughout Pennsylvania for a reason: it produces fantastic results, reduces lead time dramatically, and improves part quality without costing a massive amount of money.

Before working with a Swiss Screw machining company like Cer-Mac Inc., it is important to understand what CNC Swiss Screw machining is and how it can benefit you. By understanding the CNC Swiss turning process and custom Swiss Screw machining processes, you can find the best machining options for your needs and budget for your next big manufacturing project without spending excess cash.

What is CNC Swiss Turning?

Custom Swiss Screw Machining is a high-quality production process that uses CNC Swiss Turning machines to create detailed, precise, and high-quality parts for Warminster, PA and Bucks County, PA firms. CNC Swiss Turning Machines use a computer-controlled setup that lets machining experts in Cer-Mac Inc. set the precise part size and shape that you need and control the cutting process properly.


With our CNC Swiss Turning machines, we apply a cutting tool directly to your material at a high RPM with the part in rotational symmetry. Our machines can cut from between 0.15”  to 0. 625 in diameter and up to 144” long. That’s good enough for just about any machining situation.

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CNC Swiss Machining is Ideal For:

  • High-quality finishes
  • Cost-efficient production
  • High volume
  • Complex parts
  • Short lead times
  • & More
CNC swiss turning machines

Swiss Screw Machines Are Designed for Precision Manufacturing

As a CNC Swiss Machine shop, Cer-Mac Inc. has many years of experience producing high-quality parts. We’ve been open for over 50 years and continuously have adapted to the unique demands of the market many times over. Adding swiss turning to our shop was a major upgrade that helped us provide our customers with the highest-quality and most precise parts on the market today.


We specialize in live tooling and the whirling processes that CNC Swiss Screw machining provides. Each of our crew members is carefully trained to handle all your unique needs and will work hard to ensure that our process meets your needs. With our help, you can get the Swiss CNC turning services that you need for your parts.

CNC swiss machine shop in Warminster, PA
Custom swiss screw machining

Quality Precision Parts Crafted With CNC Swiss Turning

At Cer-Mac Inc., our Swiss Turning machinists have unbelievable expertise. Swiss Turning provides your shop with the highest-quality parts at a more reasonable price. Even better, this machining process can provide many benefits that make it more than worth your investment, such as:

These benefits make our high-quality CNC Swiss Screw machining a powerful option for many people. As the leading CNC Swiss Screw machining company in Pennsylvania, we feel comfortable stating that we’ll fight for your needs and give you the high-quality parts that you want and deserve. It’s our commitment to you that makes us so successful with our many customers.

CNC Swiss Machine Shop in Bucks County, PA

Whether you need Swiss Screw machining or surface grinding for your shop, our team at Cer-Mac Inc. is here to help you. Our crew has many years of experience and is carefully trained and licensed to provide the highest quality of service possible for our many satisfied customers. Call us at (215) 721-0120 or email us HERE to submit a free quote today. Our team is always standing by to take your call and is more than happy to provide you with accurate pricing and lead times.  We look forward to hearing from you.
Swiss Turning
  • STAR SR 16, Turning 5/8″ Bar Size
  • 0.008″ diameter – 0.625″ diameter x 144″ long
  • STAR SB 20, Turning .787″ with whirling capability
Our Swiss machines have the capability to do thread whirling operations. The STAR SB machine is designed specifically for whirling, with an inherent rigidity for cutting deep, wide profiles in tough material and accuracy for cutting precision, close-tolerance parts. Swiss machines have resulted in a renewed appreciation of the many advantages thread whirling can provide, especially in the machining of such hard materials as Inconel, titanium and the new stainless steel alloys. Cer-Mac has had experience in machining these particular alloys for years.
Parts such as bone screws and related devices to customized fasteners for complex defense, aerospace and electronics applications, Swiss machining coupled with all our capabilities, Cer-Mac is sure to suit all your machining needs.