3 Ways To Utilize Wire EDM Machining

3 Ways To Utilize Wire EDM Machining

Challenging component design that calls for extremely hard material, tight tolerances, and predictable consistency is made possible with wire EDM precision. Our state-of-the-art wire EDM services can produce incredibly intricate and accurate parts, while simultaneously offering reduced material waste, minimal workpiece stress, and ease of design modification. 

How is this superior level of precision and cost-effective material preservation achieved? Unlike milling and grinding processes that involve direct tool-to-workpiece contact, our wire EDM machining services utilize electrical discharges to erode material from the original raw material. As the electrically conductive wire (electrode) travels along the pre-programmed path, the workpiece is cut into the desired shape without making physical contact. This material erosion process is accompanied by a stream/immersion of dielectric fluid to cool the workpiece, ensure consistent heat transfer, and flush away eroded debris. After wire EDM completion, the precise and burr-free part is then cleaned and inspected for accuracy. 

In other words, wire EDM is an exceptional choice for many applications. If your project requires precise tolerances, low material stress, and you need to shape hardened conductive materials, trust in wire EDM to preserve your valuable materials and achieve tighter tolerances. Here are some of the professional applications our machining company in Bucks County, PA supports. 

Ultra-Precise Aerospace & Defense Projects

When there is zero margin for error, leading industries come to us for the highest level of machining excellence. We conduct careful drawing analysis and extensively check programming parameters before a single micron is eroded from the workpiece. As a result, our machinists can accurately shape and refine: 

Research, Innovative Design, & Development 

Our wire EDM machining services are an ideal choice for low-volume prototyping and product testing. Thanks to the easily-modifiable parameters and diversity of material compatibility, we can help you craft innovative designs and unique parts to optimize your final product designs. 

Our wire EDM services are a go-to production solution for an array of research and equipment improvement projects such as: 

This is only a glimpse of the creative and customizable parts our specialized wire EDM machinists can perfect. While CNC machining and milling may be the preferred choice for large-scale production, wire EDM is the perfect choice for low-volume prototype testing and ease of design modification. 

Precise Tooling & Components for The Oil/Gas Industry

With such harsh and demanding environments, the oil and gas industry needs tools and components that are robust, reliable, and precise. The exploration, drilling, and extraction processes require specialized equipment that can withstand extreme conditions. Our specialized wire EDM machining is a fundamental solution that addresses these requirements and results in the highest level of excellence. 

For instance, wire EDM enables us to craft the valves and fittings that are responsible for controlling the flow of fluids within a system with a high degree of accuracy. With our expertise, each component will meet stringent industry standards for performance, durability, and safety. We also guarantee precision in crafting specialized nozzles, drilling tools, inserts, and pump components.

To learn more about the power of wire EDM, contact our specialists at Cer-Mac for precision guidance today.