3 Industries That Benefit From A Lapping Machine

3 Industries That Benefit From A Lapping Machine

When truly flat surfaces are vital to component performance, a lapping machine offers a defect-free solution for many design variations. Unlike other grinding and milling solutions that are less precise, lapping machines utilize an abrasive solution called slurry to accurately smooth an object or create a new shape. 

Capable of achieving absolute parallelism of less than 0.0005 in, any industry that requires a superior level of polish can expect superior product quality at the end of the line. Great for product development when dimensional accuracy and repeatable consistency are the priority, lapping machines boast ease of operation and efficiency for cost and time savings across the entire development process.

Why does this matter? Well, in many industries, access to this level of predictable precision is the difference between equipment success or failure. Here are some of the versatile component development applications that have become an affordable reality thanks to lapping machine innovation. 

Aerospace Design Depends on Lapping Machines

From the airtight seals to the gyro components utilized on aircraft and satellites alike, hyper-accurate component design defines the products that power aerospace technologies. Since many components in aerospace engineering require gap-free component mating, lapping machines’ refined surface finish is a natural accompaniment to these industry requirements. 

Additionally, many aerospace components face harsh elemental conditions, and lapping machines are the perfect complement. Since the polishing technique is appropriate to use with a range of materials, an extremely durable and corrosion-resistant component design is possible. When the final equipment will likely be exposed to constant moisture, extreme temperatures, and varying atmospheric pressures, there’s no room in the aerospace design for rough edges, frail materials, or poor component mating. 

Automotive Producers Require Low Friction Components

As important as precise component mating, the mobile inner workings of engine and drivetrain components directly benefit from smoother finishes. Polished pistons, flywheels, brake cylinders, and all other moving parts experience reduced wear and safer functionality when defects and surface roughness are removed from the mechanical equation. 

Also, it is possible to refine and develop abstract components to scale with lapping machines. This is critical because vehicle producers depend on large batches of identical components that will fit together perfectly and operate consistently. The same polishing benefits can be utilized by parts developers who need to repair or refinish components following damage or production errors. 

Consumer Product Industries Are Increasingly Utilizing Lapping Technologies

With limitless design possibilities, our lapping machines continue to improve products across the planet. Providing direct support for consumer products ranging from camera lens technology to the cases that perfectly fit our phones, lapping machining is the solution for many of the products we rely on each day. 

Other consumer-product-improving solutions that can be optimized with lapping technology, include: 

Hoping to optimize your products or create a better design with the power of lapping machine precision? Contact our specialists at Cer-Mac and simplify every step to the perfect finish. 

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