4 Common Services For Defense Industries

4 Common Services For Defense Industries

When precision component quality is the only acceptable outcome, the right machining processes are key to operational success. Especially relevant for high-profile industries like aerospace engineering, medical research, and defense applications, there’s no room for error in final component quality. 

To maximize part consistency, longevity, and defect-free functionality, our machine shop in Doylestown, PA offers a versatile mix of machining processes. From basic component repairs to intricately-recessed mating features, our machining specialists enhance final component quality with processes that are tailored to your production goals. For example, to promote longer-lasting shaft performance, a cost-effective service like precision grinding can reduce wear-and-tear caused by friction, ensure a tighter fit, and improve overall equipment quality. 

With your time, budget, and detailed part specifications guiding our meticulous machinists, here are some of the hyper-accurate machining processes we use to create precision components correctly the first time. 

1. Wire EDM Provides Precision & Affordability

When intricate shapes and complex geometries are the tasks, trust wire EDM to acquire the perfect parts. Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) generates sparks to erode the material, allowing for extremely tight tolerances and delicate parts with thin material requirements. Unlike physical component modification processes that can damage fragile molds and miniature components, the contact-free process of wire EDM minimizes human error, reduces material costs, and provides highly-predictable component quality.

2. CNC Milling Supports Efficient Component Production Plans

With our multipurpose CNC milling machine, our machining specialists can optimize components for any industry. Depending on the component requirements, our computer-controlled milling and turning processes can produce a variety of identical units in less time. Among the most efficient processes in our machine shop, CNC milling services are a great option if you need to produce bulk components that require significant metal removal and hyper-accurate results. 

For many projects, a combination of milling and EDM processes are utilized to perfect the finish. For instance, we can use the milling machine to create the initial component design and features, before finalizing the ultra-precise parameters with the contact-free erosion of the EDM. 

3. Precision Grinding for Cost-Savings & a Smoother Finish

When your equipment requires a closer connection, minimal contact friction, or a damaged component needs to be fixed, precision grinding is often the answer. With targeted rotational abrasion, our experts can polish and shape components within fractions of a millimeter. The result? Your components will fit properly, last longer, work better, and prevent issues caused by imperfections or improper fits. 

4. CNC Swiss Turning is a Great Option for Thin, Long & Intricate Components

With CNC Swiss Turning, high-RPM cutting power lets our pros craft specific components from ultra-hard alloys easily and affordably. Our high-end equipment is well-suited for producing components with slender profiles, such as pins, connectors, and other small components that require a balance of design accuracy and rapid production efficiency.

Could your parts benefit from any of the precision processes above? Contact our experts at Cer-Mac for informative project recommendations today.