Wire EDM vs. Traditional Machining

Wire EDM vs. Traditional Machining

Good enough is no longer acceptable in the world of precision manufacturing and component design. While tried-and-true machining methods such as grinding and milling will always have a place in component design, wire EDM provides an unmatched level of precision that is hard to replicate with traditional machining methods. 

As tolerances tighten and component-quality standards continue to rise, a company’s ability to adhere to hyper-specific design parameters gives it a competitive edge. Although wire EDM development may cost more upfront, the capability to produce tighter tolerances, reduce material waste, and in many cases, improve final part quality has led to a growing reliance on wire EDM processes. As a result, wire EDM overshadows traditional processes such as turning and milling for many high-profile design projects.

While traditional machining methods will always remain a great option for bulk production and rough shaping, here’s how wire EDM machining can take your component precision to the next level. 

Wire EDM is Often a Better Option for Complex Components & Low-Volume Production

Thanks to wire EDM’s versatile and contactless machining capabilities, producing parts with intricate geometries and polished finishes can be handled safely and efficiently. This versatility opens the doors to component improvements in all realms of design and manufacturing. Even though wire EDM may not be the fastest or cheapest option for mass production, the value of consistent quality and the capacity to manipulate any conductive metal makes wire EDM processes a top contender for cutting-edge development, refinement, and repair applications. 

Electrical Discharge Machining also happens to be a cost-effective option for prototype development with ease of material adjustment and workpiece changeovers. Wire EDM processes also boast the ability to shape multiple parts in a single run. The result is faster turnaround times and reduced labor costs when producing multiple unique pieces. This makes EDM machining a great choice for research firms, low-volume manufacturing, and new product testing.

Furthermore, since wire EDM equipment can safely manipulate ultra-hard material types such as Inconel 718, titanium, and hardened steel, our precision manufacturing solution companies can preserve the integrity of precious materials while achieving repeatable quality time and time again. Why risk broken parts, production delays, or component inconsistencies when wire EDM services can circumvent all of these potential pitfalls? 

Wire EDM Can Improve Final Part Quality Across the Board

When good enough doesn’t suffice, the answer is often wire EDM. While drilling, grinding, and milling processes remain a viable and affordable option for many part types, wire EDM processes can take the base component designs a step further. For instance, component inconsistencies caused by burrs, rough finishes, or uneven surfaces can damage equipment or reduce the lifespan of your products. 

Whatever your refinement needs may be, our proficient machining specialists provide an unmatched level of precision to achieve smoother, longer-lasting, and reliable parts that will make your company synonymous with quality and dependability. To ensure a higher standard of excellence with every component, our experts at Cer-Mac Inc. back every project with: 

Expand Your Portfolio With the Power of Wire EDM

Unlimited by machining methods, we bridge the gap between flexible design possibilities and durable components. When other machine shops say no to your creative designs or complex blueprints, you can anticipate cost-effective and timely solutions from our machining experts at Cer-Mac. 

If you have been searching for a capable, communicative, and certified machining partner to optimize your parts, look no further than our qualified machinists at Cer-Mac. We are driven to streamline your processes, improve final part quality, and advocate for your long-term success with the best guidance in the industry.