The Benefits of CNC Turning and CNC Swiss Turning

The Benefits of CNC Turning and CNC Swiss Turning

For the utmost precision, many machinists turn to CNC turning and CNC Swiss turning. The option you choose will depend on the level of detail you need in your parts. Both offer excellent benefits and many features. We are going to explore what each can do for you.

What Is CNC Turning?

CNC turning is a removal technique to take material from an original bar of material until the desired shape is achieved. The original material is held securely in a chuck rotated as a removal tool takes the excess material off.

CNC turning machines offer all of the following services:

  • Bore
  • Drill
  • Face
  • Groove
  • Knurl
  • Part 

Special features are also available when the CNC turning services offered use Live Tooling machines. These machines can pause rotation for the addition of things like milled surfaces and drilled holes.

What Is CNC Swiss Turning?

CNC Swiss Turning machines are used for the creation of the smallest parts. These machines are notable for their quick and accurate work. Like CNC turning, the machined bar is firmly held and fed into the machining area. 

This process differs significantly from CNC turning because the material bar is not restricted to rotating in one fixed position. For CNC Swiss turning, the option exists to move the material along the Z-axis as needed to create even more features.

Additionally, CNC Swiss turning is not limited to performing one task at a time. It is often used to perform several operations simultaneously. These operations are also not restricted to one zone, as this machine can operate in multiple zones simultaneously.

The Benefits of CNC Turning


  • Accuracy: The machine all but eliminates human error. From the first cut to the last, you receive the utmost precision.
  • Repeatability: CNC turning machines can cut the same piece repeatedly with no discernable differences.
  • Faster Results: These machines strictly follow established programs, removing wasteful errors. Doing this allows them to produce batches of products quickly.

The Benefits of CNC Swiss Turning

  • Creation of complex parts: This machine is designed to create the most complex parts, surpassing others in detail.
  • Speedy production: CNC Swiss turning machines can produce as many as 30 parts per hour. This is phenomenal compared to alternative machines that produce the same part in one hour.
  • No extra machining needed: Many times, when a part is created through CNC Swiss turning, no additional machining is required, as it is fully designed.

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