Our Team

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

At Cer-Mac we’ve been specializing in the CNC Machining industry since 1969 and over that time we’ve grown a strong team of individuals passionate about their work.

Joseph T Cero, Sr., CEO
Serving since 1992

Joseph T Cero Jr President

Joseph T Cero, Jr.
BS Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University
1994 Patent #5,341,062 Piezoelectric Energy Generator

Steve McGeady Operations Manage

Steve McGeady
Operations Manager

Serving since 2000

Michelle Hirschbuhl Director Of Sales And Marketing

Michelle Hirschbuhl
Director of Sales and Marketing

Serving since 2012

Matt Hoffman Quality Control Manager

Matt Hoffman
Quality Control Manager

Serving since 2008

Trish Mcintyre Purchasing Agent

Trish Mcintyre
Purchasing Agent

Serving since 2012

Walt Malinski Shop Foreman

Walt Malinski
Shop Foreman

Serving since 1993

Department Heads

Alex McCombe
Retired founding member. The “Mac” of Cer-Mac.

Milling Department Head Ryan Ewer

Ryan Ewer – Milling
Serving since 2007

Lathe Department Head Ken Hanson

Ken Hanson – Lathe
Serving since 2002

Wire Grinding Deparment Head Tony Rutherford

Anthony Rutherford – WIRE EDM/Grinding
Serving since 1993

Manual Maching Department Head Ron Hedrick

Ron Hedrick – Manual Machining
Serving since 2006

Inspection Quality Manage Matt Hoffman

Matt Hoffman
Inspection Quality Manager

Support Staff

Support Staff