How Cer-Mac is Enhancing Material Versatility in Manufacturing

How Cer-Mac is Enhancing Material Versatility in Manufacturing

The growing demand for materials that can withstand extreme pressures, rapid temperature changes, and high-friction conditions without failing is met with top-of-the-line machining processes. The machining industry is no longer using just aluminum and hardened stainless steel. Cer-Mac has opened up a range of possibilities for our customers by investing heavily in advanced processes such as CNC Swiss turning, wire EDM, and 5-axis machining. 

With a large portfolio of state-of-the-art machining equipment at our disposal, our precision machining specialists at Cer-Mac are well-equipped to shape ultra-hard metals, case-hardened nickels, and other specialty plastics that require a refined level of precision and material knowledge. Our modern machining technologies enable us to accommodate specialized projects ranging from aerospace and defense technologies to advanced components utilized in semiconductor, electrical, and medical manufacturing. 

Here’s how we are driving innovation, improving part quality, and optimizing operational efficiencies with our broad range of material machining capabilities.

A Range of Materials Can Be Shaped Safely, Accurately, & Affordably

Cer-mac specializes in machining an array of ultra-hard alloys like Inconel 718 or Kovar. For example, when manipulating extremely durable metal types like tungsten carbide and titanium, our precision machining specialists can utilize contact-free techniques like wire EDM to protect the workpiece from mechanical stress while ensuring a repeatable level of precision. 

Without risking damage to the base materials, our computer-controlled systems can manage the following: 

Complex Component Production

Recessed features, intricate curves, and other challenging geometries can be crafted with repeatable precision. 

Repairs and Restorations

Electrical discharge machining can also be utilized to clear broken taps, screws, and bolts with ease. Other component issues such as metal burrs, corrosion, and other material removal needs can be managed through our extensive deburring procedures.

Materials that are Difficult to Shape with Traditional Cutting Tools

Any conductive material can be shaped with our EDM technologies. From incredibly tough alloys like Inconel to “standard” metals like aluminum and stainless steel, we are your one-stop shop for superior accuracy during your RAM or wire EDM production runs. 

Production Efficiency Has Increased With the Rise of Advanced Machining Technologies

As important as providing access to a broader range of material options, we are on the cutting edge of component optimization with a heightened focus on production efficiency. For example, suppose a large run of intricate components composed of nickel alloy, stainless steel, or titanium is required. In that case, expedited production is now a cost-effective possibility with the automated excellence of processes such as CNC Swiss turning. By using wear-resistant cutting tools featuring carbide, diamond coatings, and ceramic inserts, we can shape everything from hardened steels to heat-resistant alloys with unmatched speed and consistency.

Component Finishing Improves Part Quality

Beyond the durable base designs, adding value to your equipment and final part quality can also be achieved with cost-effective finishing steps. Before, defects and structural inconsistencies may have resulted in material waste or repeated production runs. Now, with additional processes such as lapping and grinding, restoring components to the tightest of tolerances can be achieved with ease. 

These advanced machining techniques allow us to achieve precise surface finishes, remove imperfections, and preserve structural integrity by removing less material to achieve the desired surfaces. Our finishing services are also compatible with a wide range of material types, and thanks to our state-of-the-art measurement tools, we can guarantee parallelism of less than 0.0005 of an inch. As a result, your operations benefit from reduced material waste, lower production costs, and superior parts delivered in less time.

Optimize Your Designs With Our Versatile Machining Expertise

Consider your complex and precise machining goals accomplished when you partner with our experienced machinists. Feel free to email us or call (215)-721-0120 to learn more about our expanded capabilities.