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Quality RAM EDM Services

Cer-Mac offers the highest quality in precise surface finishes and our best pricing per part matter. We can tackle just about any job. No job is too small nor too big for our RAM EDM machinery. Our RAM EDM machinery is used exclusively for tiny parts or parts with extremely thin walls. Our unique and powerful RAM EDM machinery operates at its finest.

Our RAM EDM is capable of producing a maximum work tank 30.3″ x 19.6” x 9.8”maximum work table of 19.6″ x 12.7″ with a maximum table load of 1200 lbs. Has 32 RMS of lower, slower feed rate which increases surface finish. All conductive material burns including carbide, whether soft or hard.

Benefits of our RAM EDM include:

Material hardness does not effect process and can be successfully machined

Cutting of complex shapes and thin walled configurations without distortion

Tolerances of +/- .00015” can be reached

EDM process leaves no burrs

Well made for delicate or small parts

No Pressure/No Contact

Our goal is to offer all customers excellent service. If you would like more information on our RAM EDM services give us a call at (215) 721-0120 or send us an email.

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