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Our CNC Swiss turning machinery offers the capability to produce custom hardware and pieces that are unusually small in diameter. Our CNC Swiss turning machinery is known for its fast production, ability to reach any surface of a particular part, reliability, and consistency. Our machinery is designed specifically for whirling, with an inherent rigidity for cutting deep, wide profiles in tough material and accuracy for cutting precision, close-tolerance parts.

Our highly trained and qualified technicians are experienced in providing you with the highest quality CNC Swiss turning services. Cer-Mac is sure to fulfill all your machining needs whether it’s one or more.

Our CNC Swiss Turning provides machining of various materials including:





New Stainless Steel Alloys


Precision Steel

And Much More

Our goal is to offer all customers excellent service. If you would like more information on our CNC Swiss turning services give us a call at (215) 721-0120 or send us an email.

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